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Does Northwoods Dock and Service take steps to prevent the transmission of aquatic invasive species?

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How do I choose the right boat lift?

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How do I make sense of my ShoreStation boat lift model number?

What to consider in harbor situations?

Many of the harbors in our area are old enough now that they are being rebuilt. Harbors that are 30 years or older can possibly be too narrow to accept the size of today’s free-standing lifts. Due to the size of the boats increasing over the years; Associations have had to consider changes to accommodate bigger lifts. Restrictions to harbor sizes may limit free-standing lifts, in these situations, with proper planning during harbor reconstruction; we have the option to consider what is called a Pile Mount Lift. This lift requires less space as it is incorporated into the construction of the Pier for each slip. More information is available for harbor owners and Associations by contacting us.

How do I get a correct size for a replacement canopy vinyl?

The model number will not determine the “Width and Length” of a canopy vinyl, most models come in two widths, so it is important to measure the inside of the uprights from side to side for the Width. The Length can be determined by measuring the 4” side tube of the canopy frame from end to end. (Example: A 20-foot side tube plus 1 foot per end = 22 feet and the inside width of 108” will result in a common size of 22108)

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