New or Used, We Have the Right Boat Dock or Lift for You

dock with blue canopy

Looking for a used boat lift or dock?

We’ve made it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for by giving you options on how you’d like to browse our inventory.

Things to know before choosing a lift for your boat or pontoon:

  • Weight of your boat or pontoon: Most manufacturers do not include the weight of the motor due to horsepower and brand variations. It is important to include the motor when calculating the total weight
  • Fuel Capacities: Total gallon capacity x 6.4 =
  • Batteries: Average battery weighs 35 lbs
  • Accessories: Items of weight that remain in the boat
  • Beam width: This is the widest point of the gunwale
  • Overall length: Total length of the boat, including the motor
  • Note: Ski boats with racks typically need a higher canopy (canopy extension legs)
  • Tri-toon pontoons are set up on an SSV model using bunks. The SSPV system will not work
  • Deepwater applications may require extension legs. Typical sites are HARBORS and EXTREME SOFT BOTTOM STRUCTURES

Choose the type of Boat Lift (Hydraulic or Manual) and then the specifications.

  • In options, you will find the canopy lengths available for the lift you choose.

ShoreStation Model Explanations

Example:  SSV40108HYD

ShoreStation Cradle Type

• SSV = ShoreStation “V” cradle

• SSPV = ShoreStation lift with pontoon kit

• MS = Manual/Stainless hardware

• HS = Hydraulic/Stainless hardware

Boat Lift Weight Capacity

• Take the numbers and add two zeros

• 40 = 4,000lb boat weight capacity

Inside Dimension of the Boat Lift

• The inside dimension in inches

• 108 = 108in. (or 9ft.)

Boat Lift Power Source/Type

• MS = Manual drive system (Will accept Power Drive Systems)
• HYD = Hydraulic drive system with DC current